Sadly, BytesForHealth is no longer operating.

Your Health, Your Data

With Bytes for Health you can track any aspect of your health. Record your weight, keep food logs, monitor blood sugar, evaluate if you are getting enough of the essential nutrients and more. We want to help you gather any relevant health information in a single place that you control and use that data to improve your health. Check out our features to get a feel for what you can do with Bytes for Health.

Our Philosophy

We don't preach any one way of achieving good health. You aren't going to find diet guidelines or advice for managing any health conditions. Instead we encourage you to take control and discover what works for you. We simply provide the tools to keep track of any of your health information and maybe draw some pretty graphs while we are at it.

Data and Reports

Sample Comparison of Blood Glucose to Dietary Carbohydrate

Food Logs

Sample Food Log

Personalized Nutrition

Net Carbohydrate Settings